The Prodigal Gaming Moaner Has Returned…Sort Of?

I would first like to express my apologies for my recent lack of transparency in regards to my tardy excuse for clarifying my current position. I feel I should also mention that this specific article has been written in haste, utilising the restrictive capabilities of my phone, which means that I’ll be periodically altering this presentation as the day progresses to iron out the minor discrepancies as time dictates, so once again apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors. So to anyone enquiring into my notable absence from my usually coveted, elongated musings with explicit derogatory opinions, rustic accusations and totally fabricated presumptions, well I’m writing this brief article chiefly to alleviate any suggestive presumptions to my vacancy from here. Due many viscous differing in my life, I have had to temporarily pander to the innocuous vacancy of connectivity to the wide and varied world of the internet. Not to mention my recent transition to a new location, incurring the usual restraints of both fiscal attainment and emphasis on myopic seclusion. Applying the perpetual anomalies of social interactions, accepting the depleted resources at my disposal and forcefully embracing the monotonous necessities of life’s formalities have prevented me from complying with the proportionate vigilance to my blog. With that brief synopsis concluded all that is left to do before invoking continued quantitative easing on my gaming, the growing contention due to the currently vacant space that should be filled by a faulty cooking appliance, distributing further intensified labour’s, hosting social gatherings and evicting ants from their homes; is to assure you of my return very soon. I know you’ve missed me. What do you mean you didn’t even notice?